Turning a Mercedes-Benz truck into a neon-lit, 3-D ‘design drawing’

Posted on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 by

Outlook had the pleasure to work with Marketing & Communications agency DBMT, in the design and delivery of a fully immersive, multimedia experience that wowed the audience at the recent launch of the Mercedes-Benz ’Actros’ truck.

How to turn a truck transparent…

The Digital design team worked closely with Iain & Rich from Events to develop a 270° motion graphics sequence, akin to the ‘neon line’ designs from the ‘Tron’ movies, which was projection mapped onto the new truck with complementary 3D environmental software playing out on the surrounding backdrop. The Projection mapping created the illusion that the audience could see through the structure of the cab and explore the interior workings of the new truck, watching the Actros ‘build itself’ in front of their eyes – the final result, as you can imagine, left the audience speechless!

The multimedia sequences (combining video, 2-D & 3-D animation) were cut together by the Video team, and then frame accurately choreographed to live sound FX, bespoke music and lighting, to create a breath-taking reveal of the Actros truck.

Using video and projection mapping to engage an audience…

This was a very successful launch event with incredibly positive feedback from the client and the audience. “The graphics created by Outlook Digital for the projection mapping and supporting screens were superb.” said the Mercedes-Benz Actros Launch Event Director, “They were key to the launch’s overall impact and engagement with the audience, helping to communicate the innovation and technology associated with the new Actros truck”

Client Feedback: “What can I say other than…..WOW!  When we started out on this journey it was extremely important to me that we worked with the right people, people who I could trust and people who understood the importance of the event”

The event exceeded expectations and went on to win “Automotive Event of the Year” at the C&IT Excellence Awards, held in London.

We’ve put a ‘behind the scenes’ video of the event, to give you the opportunity to see the stunning work delivered by the whole Outlook team.

Mercedes-Benz ’Actros’ truck launch from Outlook Video on Vimeo.