Is TV Advertising still THE best platform for distribution? Getting your messages seen far and wide in the era of the web.

Posted on Monday, May 12th, 2014 by

Have you noticed that video advertising is now common place wherever there’s a screen – at home, at work, even on the move via mobile devices? But amongst the many viewing platforms that we produce video for, television has always remained at the format of choice for advertisers for its dependable return on investment that it can offer. But have the times of TV advertising superiority moved on?

Spend on distribution or on the creative?

I was chatting to a client recently and he suggested that, whilst he wasn’t happy with the quality or delivery of a previous commercial produced for them by another agency, it still succeeded in producing over a 40% uplift in their web traffic! So to be able to afford the medium of TV as a distribution device, he compromised on the quality of the product itself because the power of mass distribution of your message still returns huge results.

So is the only way we can market ourselves, cost effectively, to a mass market by making a compromise to the creative or quality itself? I believe that it is the ease of access to video content that is fast becoming the focus and the alternative strategy to communicate a message. Why go for television, with its national audience that comes at a cost to do it right, when you can get on-line in front of a global audience with multiple ways to access the content, for free, keeping the budget reserved for the creative!

Online is the now the standard for video content

There are now over 163 million video viewers online, and this isn’t just a growing trend in teenagers or home entertainment – over 80% of business executives are watching more video than in 2012 too.

Using the web and the technologies that surround it, the traditional advertising ‘line’ has become blurred – we have the ability both to reach a mass audience and recieve the marketing data from trackable click-throughs and measureable results. Plus with content being held in the ‘cloud’, the media can also be made available for permanent download for additional targeted distribution.

Distributing media online to an audience also has the benefit of being almost immediate. You can stream live footage, or post the highlights of an event with the potential to reach millions of people in an extremely short period of time and all for a fraction of the money it would certainly cost you to market through TV.

I declare wide bandwidth for all!

So quality – surely that is still the compromise to have all this speed and reach? Not any more! The days of web video being a low resolution, low quality are as distant a memory as playing Horace Goes Skiing on my ZX Spectrum – now we can all have the pleasure of watching stunning HD video. No more blocky pixels, stuttering pictures and 8bit audio, and even the convenience of very little hanging around waiting for the content to load – even when there is a ‘pre-loader’, it is usually now video advert!

So less cost to distribute to a larger audience with retained quality? Sounds like the communications of the future? So, time to ask yourself – are you still in the past?