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Pictures, words and sounds. They make a beautiful partnership and in the context of a video, it’s the choice of format of billions of people to seek out answers to their questions! Read how to use an Explainer video to get customer loyalty.

Video is statistically proven to provide increased engagement, improved interaction, better retention of information and more effective communication. Pretty awesome medium to be utilising I think! Yep, I know, it’s ironic that I’m using a blog to put this message across (that’s just a tactical thing!), but Video has become THE must-have accompaniment to any product, brand or business who are looking to share information with an audience – affectionately known as Explainer videos.

Explainer videos are short, to the point and focus on getting across key information that’ll improve the viewer’s life in some way. There’s no fluff, no in-depth facts and usually look to focus on a simple Q&A approach. Videos work best if kept to an effective length, dictated by the component and context. The viewer just wants to load the video, get the answer they’re looking for and best of all, walk away feeling warm and cosy about the brand that’s helped them. The better the brand is at doing this, and the more support you can give through using this effective channel – the more your audience will soon become your trusting customer.

So follow some simple rules and let your video explainer do the work for you:

  1. Be clear – Really understand what your key message is – you want to be useful to your audience so think about what is the one question that needs answering. Remember, if you’re acting as an authority, looking to gain trust, then you really need to be super confident that the information is accurate!
  2. Style and format – Make sure that you put your message into the right style and format for your audience to understand it easily. Pictures, words and sounds can be combined to create MANY wonderful videos, not forgetting the tone of voice and creative approach taken too. A badly selected approach can do more damage than not having a video in the first place. I mean, how would YOU respond to an amusing animated cartoon when searching for information on funeral planning?
  3. Where it is seen? – This is a key consideration in any marketing tactic with many channels open (such as a Blog!), but with video, realistically you can make some pretty basics assumptions. It’s gonna be seen on Youtube! Whether embedded on your website or found via a Google search, YouTube is STILL the most widely used platform for video, with over 1 billion users! Sure you’ve got options but why make things complicated?
  4. What happens next? Lastly think about what you want the viewer to feel once they’ve got to the end. How will they likely respond? Do you want them to make a purchase, share the knowledge or subscribe to your channel? After all, it’s a business and an Explainer video is all about supporting the brand to make the customer feel unique – We care about YOU!

Autoglass® explain how it’s done!

We’ve helped Autoglass® to create three Explainer videos to effectively answer questions that they are regularly asked:

  • Can my windscreen be repaired?
  • What will happen when you repair a chip?
  • What will happen when you replace my windscreen?

The brand are using video in the perfect way – you have questions…we have answers…let’s tell you in the most effective and convenient way!



So if you can consistently use video to build trust more effectively than your competition, then you’ll soon earn the perception of being the experts in your field.

Explainers don’t need to cost, so get in touch to talk through how we can help you to give your customers more of what they want, get your brand moving up the SEO ranking and establish yourself as the go-to brand!