Use vox pops for your brand

Posted on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 by

The phrase ‘vox pop’ comes from the Latin vox populi, which means ‘voice of the people’. Many forms of media have used vox pops for years as a means to provide a quick, simple snapshot of public opinion.

Typically, interviewers approach random people on the street and ask them to give their opinions on a specific topic. They record the interviewees’ responses and present them in a brief yet impactful reflection of popular opinion. 

vox pops

Why use vox pops?

There’s no better way to find out what the public want from a business than to ask them directly.

Using video vox pops not only allows you to collect the valuable views of everyday consumers and your potential customers. The end result leaves you with truly engaging video that can be utilised for marketing purposes.

Unlike a survey, vox pops will bring your research to life. By getting real opinions from real people, your video strategy brings a human touch to a world consumed by technology. This alone can increase the perceived validity of a product or service, and therefore increase trust.

Furthermore, video is fast becoming the new way to communicate. By 2017, it’s predicted that video will account for around 69% of all internet traffic. Some 64% of marketers are expected to incorporate video into their company and brand strategy in near future as a result.

How Outlook can help

Daz famously made some very memorable adverts from vox pops. However, creating meaningful, powerful vox pops isn’t an easy task. It’s down to ensuring that the right demographic is in front of the camera, picking the right location to film, at the right time, and, most importantly, asking the right questions.

This is where Outlook can work with you to maximise the opportunity you have with your potential spokespeople. We will perform the necessary research, create the open-ended questions that evoke a response and interview the appropriate demographic to ensure that we gather a significant insight into your customers opinions. You will be left with a record that you can not only present and market, but also build your business strategy around.

For more information about our vox pop creation services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.