Using video – Why slides don’t tell the full story

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Picture the scene: you’ve delivered a fantastic internal event where all the delegates left feeling important, informed, motivated and inspired. Job done right!

But how do you extend that good feeling and loyalty beyond the day to staff right across your business?

How information is cascaded to your workforce is often overlooked during event planning. We’ve all seen it before: some managers will get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day job and forget to share anything; some will share the presentations without any context.

As communications experts, we know that having the slides isn’t enough to convey the passion and story from leadership teams. By capturing it on video, you can combine the speaker and their slides into one fully formed message. No more cumbersome marketing documents, no more off-track presentations. Video is how companies and businesses should communicate to their employees.

The benefits of using video

  • It cuts to the quick, easily communicating messages that may take multiple paragraphs or pages to write.
  • Video feels personal and helps employees feel included in the corporate culture and decision-making.
  • Employees can re-watch videos to help aid understanding or check details.
  • Messages and training are accessible by your company or staff wherever they are based from a variety of devices.
  • Video can be emotive, which increases viewer engagement.
  • You can share video on multiple platforms, including your intranet, blogs, email or social channels.

How to use video to communicate with employees

CEO messages: Open and clear communication can create a connection between upper management and the rest of the business. These types of regular updates are easy to film and produce and give a great return on the investment in time and production costs.

Regular videos from the CEO can show members of senior management as friendly, personable and inclusive.

Training and education: The way we learn is changing. With thousands of tutorials and how-to guides, YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day. We now expect to be able to access content whenever and wherever is convenient for us.

Video easily and clearly explains training materials, allowing employees to digest and re-watch materials as they need.

Induction: Similarly, video is great for materials for new staff. You can use visuals and explainers to go over the more complex parts of the business and introduce key staff or ideas.

Team and morale building: A happy team makes memories together. Record company events for staff to enjoy later and as a promotional tool to encourage employee participation.

Getting it right

Video can be a powerful tool in both your internal and external communications. It’s open, friendly and inclusive, but it’s not a guaranteed hit. Companies that use it successfully have engaged with communications experts in their teams and delivered timely and relevant content that reinforces employee commitment.

Our Video team can help you broadcast company-wide communications quickly, boosting productivity, promoting brand awareness and strengthening corporate culture. Get in touch start the conversation.

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