The value of vox pop at live events

Posted on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 by

Using vox pops as part of a video means we’re able to demonstrate what people think & feel – they could be consumers, they could be staff, but the authentic nature of the vox pop means that it can be a very persuasive tool for communicating your message. Whether a useful insight into your employee’s minds, or helping to conduct market research or innovate new business operations, when a human face and voice speaking honestly appears on your large event screen, it’s their voice amongst a plethora of Powerpoint graphs and stats that really helps to integrate your whole team!

When vox pops are used as part of a beautifully shot post-event video of the event’s ‘best bits’, they can also act as a reminder; a subconscious recap of the live experience that helps to re-spark the energy and enthusiasm among the audience, and when shared on social platforms, can motivate those not present to come next time!

Vox Populi – The voice of your brand

I’ve always thought the phrase ‘vox pop’ was slightly peculiar, ever since I first heard it mentioned in one of my media lessons at college. Over the years I’ve heard it called a ‘voss pox’, ‘vox pot’ and even ‘vos bot’ before! It’s actually a Latin phrase which literally means ‘voice of the people’. Got something to say? It’s time to let your voice be heard!


Getting the best vox pop

Choice and quality really counts when you’re looking to use the populous  to inspire your audience. Remember  the subjects aren’t media trained or actors so it can be quite tricky to record an excellent set of vox pops. Firstly, approaching people off guard and then sticking a furry dog-like looking mic in front of their face all in the space of 10 seconds, is enough to make people run a mile, let alone talk openly and naturally! Although it may look like an intimidating proposition, it’s really not at all. After years of conducting vox pops I still approach them with the notion that perhaps my big open smile would be enough to help persuade people to chat for a few seconds.


As producers, what we’d really like from our little vox popping rendezvous is a snapshot of people’s opinions – and believe it or not, we really do want to know what people think of the latest product, or latest business objective, because people’s opinions are the deciding factor on what makes the video successful!

The key to ensuring we’ll leave the shoot with vox pops that exclusively represent ‘voices of your brand’ is to shoot a LOT of footage. Plenty of content means plenty of choice. Our aim is to capture a diverse range of job roles, business reps, exhibitor staff, young, old or whoever may be attending your event so that we have the vast array of options when we get to the edit suite to get you the desired results. Put simply, the more vox pops there are to choose from the better the video.

Vox pops are a sure-fire way of promoting your brand to help maximise sales, strengthen internal relations and support your business messages. Remember, as the saying goes, ‘people buy from people’ so to see effective ROI, it’s important to let the voice of your brand be heard!