We Bring Kwik Fit Mobile To You!

Posted on Monday, February 25th, 2013 by

kwik-fit_logoThe marketing team at Kwik Fit were challenged with raising the profile and awareness of the company’s mobile offering. As part of a wider integrated campaign, they came to Outlook to develop ideas for an online video.

The key message of their mobile proposition had to address 3 alternative audiences – those based at work, those at home, and those with caravans. We decided to go with three separate films for maximum exposure on line – having 3 videos on YouTube rather than just 1 opens up greater SEO potential – and to ensure that the messages were explicit. As this wasn’t a brand exercise, but a focus on service awareness, we created scenarios that identified directly with the three audiences groups, but kept the same creative treatment consistent throughout.

To support a wider digital marketing strategy, Kwik Fit are also placing the content into preloader advertising space on YouTube.

To date, they have almost 1.5m YouTube hits. You can see the version for Home users below.

10732 Kwikfit Mobile Fleet 60K Home FINAL from Outlook Video on Vimeo.

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