We help Autoglass to offer up their latest TV ad!

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013 by

After the success of their previous ‘offer based’ commercial produced by the team here at Outlook, Autoglass again focussed on a direct call-to-action strategy for their follow-up commercial that ran throughout March. The second ‘Free Wipers’ advert found us reuniting with creative agency Tellyville and the marketing team at Autoglass to plan and deliver an onscreen creative that supported a change in their approach to their televsion advertising to be offer-led.

Outlook were set the task of pulling all the key elements of the production together, with the overriding objective of keeping the perceived on-screen value high, whilst keeping the actual spend low – something that we’re all challenged with more and more by all our clients! The final TV campaign, media planned by Starcom, consisted of 24 different versions of the ad which acted as a ‘countdown’ to the offer ending.

Client Feedback

Claire Stacey, Senior Marketing Manager, told us “The whole team at Autoglass® were thrilled with the final ad, it added a new level of ‘drama’ to our long running Heroes campaign. As usual the team at Outlook were brimming with ideas about how to make the spot as impactful as possible and this really paid off. The campaign has been incredibly successful, and we’ve been delighted at the level of response it has created.”


The final results certainly speak for themselves, and everyone involved has seen the expectation bar set at a new level both in speed of turn around, level of creative delivery and return on investment – and particularily with the television audience who are over the moon to see Brummie heart-throb Gavin Jenks, back on their screen.

Have a look at the second Wipers ad here:

Autoglass & BRAKE Wiper Campaign from Outlook Video on Vimeo.