We Helped Autoglass® to Wipe It Off on TV!

Posted on Monday, October 15th, 2012 by

autoglassWe’ve just supported windscreen repair and replacement specialists, Autoglass®,to promote their free wipers promotion, by filming, editing and delivering their latest nationwide TV commercial.

Following the idea that safe driving starts with good visibility, Outlook produced the ad featuring Autoglass® technician John Porter as he talks viewers through the importance of regularly changing wiper blades!

Produced by the inhouse Video team, we shot in Northampton across a single day – sweet-talking local residents to keep them on our side – followed up by a challenging post-production schedule and stakeholder sign-off process.

The challenge to work effeciently to deliver a high return on investment is never more important when working on a commercial product, but a challenge that we take on, and deliver, with great enthusiasm and success. It’s all down to our collaborative approach, and the skills and experience of the team – the ability to keep smiling always helps too!

Shot on the Sony F3, we delivered 10 second and 30 second cuts, each one with 3 different campaign phone numbers for media planning tracking – these were composited on to the van in each version.

All in all a high quality finish for a good price, that had an immediate impact on the call levels from day one of the campaign.

You can see it here:

Autoglass Wipe It Off from Outlook Video on Vimeo.