It’s been an interesting year for the world full of uncertainty, yes. Still, also unprecedented collaboration, creative thinking and innovation in the way that we have supported our clients overcome their communications challenges throughout lockdown, so first, we wanted to thank you for being a valued client.

Thinking back over some of our favourite projects with you, we thought it was a great opportunity to tell you what’s new with us and highlight how we can continue to help you achieve your goals.


Our headcount has grown by almost 50% – which means greater capacity across our production teams.

We’re helping our clients define what the future of events looks like with our Fusion – hybrid event.


Fusion is an opportunity for businesses to think differently about what their events can achieve. With more variables than ever before to consider, it's time for event planners to make fewer assumptions and seek more flexible choices. Fusion operates as a hybrid sliding scale between fully virtual and fully physical that prioritises safety and engagement without compromises. Our in-house platform offers the functionality for live streaming, networking, 2D & 3D expo halls and much more. Whether your audience is staff, stakeholders, partners or customers, we’re focused on getting the most out of every opportunity to engage with people face-to-face. We’d love to work with you in the future on events, conferences, training, exhibitions and more. We have it covered. Please take a look at some of our favourite events.



Our in-house video team has produced a range of video content based on your briefs, enabling you to tell compelling personal stories and communicate efficiently to a global audience online. Take a look at some of the video highlights.

VIDEO. - Stats Image
VIDEO. - Stats Image


We embrace digital trends to engage your audience: responsive multi-platform tools to interactive presentations, email marketing and websites to mobile apps. Take a look at some of our favourites – we look forward to future opportunities with great excitement! Embracing digital trends is what we do. Engaging your audiences with responsive multi-platform tools like your interactive patient safety game, e-learning platforms and other gamification projects. Or the interactive presentations, email marketing and websites. Check out these digital projects

DIGITAL. - Stats Image
DIGITAL. - Stats Image


There’s a wide world of exciting and creative communication possibilities open to BD when paired with our experience in 3D animation, CG imaging, character design, motion graphics and visual effects. Take a look at our animation highlights.

ANIMATION. - Stats Image
ANIMATION. - Stats Image


We strive to continue to build an in-depth understanding of your unique brand identity. By working across a wide range of graphic design disciplines, we can ensure the process is simple, reliable, and consistent. Here’s some of our favourite design work we’ve delivered for you.

DESIGN. - Stats Image
DESIGN. - Stats Image


We love working with you. You give us the chance to create fresh ideas and prove that we have the passion and the ability to be a reliable communications partner that delivers and exceeds expectations.

Hannah Watson

Account Director

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John Lloyd

Client Services Director

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