Case Study

BD BodyGuard Duo e-Learning

  • App Development
  • User Experience
  • PowerPoint Presentations


The BD BodyGuard™ infusion pump is a small, lightweight ambulatory infusion pump which offers flexibility and reliability, along with effortless transition between hospital and homecare requirements.

The Brief

Our client had a series of quick reference user guides for their pumps that were being used internally for training. These guides were initially uploaded to BD’s own e-learning platform — as BD were transitioning to using Storyline, the modules needed to be updated, re-designed and re-built using this e-learning authoring tool in an accessible, interactive, and user-friendly way.

It's all in the details

Having worked on the original e-learning modules, our Design experts were well-equipped to combine their previous experience working with the learning materials with their confident understanding of the BD brand to get started on the refreshed design and build.

The solution

To approach the process in the most efficient way possible, our Designer created a few template slides to communicate the intended look and feel. Once the design was approved, it was time to create all the content in PowerPoint. This would then be act as the blueprint for the Storyline build.

Our talented Design team worked in close collaboration to transform the quick reference user guides from two-dimensional pdfs into interactive e-learning modules. The team handled everything from the design itself to the actual build, ensuring that the modules were also accessible in French, German, Italian and Spanish so that users can toggle to their preferred language.


Working in seamless collaboration, our talented Design team successfully transformed static two-dimensional PDFs into engaging interactive e-learning modules. Moreover, they went the extra mile by ensuring the modules were accessible in multiple languages, including French, German, Italian, and Spanish, allowing users to conveniently switch to their preferred language.