Case Study

BD Safety Switch Brochure

  • Brochure Design
  • Theming
  • User Experience


The BD Medical Delivery Solutions team supports hospitals and healthcare systems to transform medical preparation and administration to enhance patient and clinical outcomes. An important part of their work is improving safety for both patients and healthcare professionals.


The Brief

Our client asked for our creative teams’ support with an interactive iPDF for their new Safety Switch campaign, which aims to promote BD’s focus on protecting healthcare workers against hazards by empowering hospitals and healthcare services to build a culture of everyday safety.

It's all in the details

The content that needed to be communicated was currently in a text-heavy PowerPoint. In order for its important messages to be as accessible and impactful as possible, our creative experts would need to do what they do best: collaborate to deliver an eye-catching and engaging solution.

To achieve the desired iPDF outcome, the content needed to be rewritten. Our Account Manager worked closely with a medical copywriter who edited the PowerPoint into punchy copy that would perfectly complement the interactive iPDF format.

Our Art Director then got to work creating a dynamic and visually striking concept, rooted in wordplay around the word “switch”, to very successful effect…

The solution

Guided by the campaign objective of switching mindsets from “risk” to “safety”, our Art Director created responsive switches that enable the reader to literally switch from four everyday safety hazards to their BD product solution.

The content was transformed by our creative experts from a lengthy PowerPoint into a bright, attention-grabbing iPDF that effectively communicated the BD product offerings associated with each safety challenge.

Our committed and collaborative approach helped ensure that the process from brief to delivery was as smooth as possible.


The solution resulted in a successful mindset shift from “risk” to “safety” through the implementation of responsive switches. Our Art Director’s creation allowed readers to physically switch from four common safety hazards to the corresponding BD product solution. Furthermore, our creative experts transformed the content into an engaging iPDF, effectively communicating the BD product offerings related to each safety challenge. The committed and collaborative approach ensured a smooth process from the initial brief to the final delivery.