Case Study

BD TIVA & Filtration Videos

  • Motion Graphics
  • Project Management
  • Video Production


BD is recognized as one of the largest medical technology companies worldwide. They contribute significantly to the field of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics, and the delivery of care globally.

Outlook has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with BD for over seven years. Our team works closely with BD’s business units to develop creative solutions that align with their innovative work.

The Brief

Our Moving Image team’s first-rate animation skills were required to update two videos with BD’s latest branding.

The first was a product demonstration, with the objective of giving a training overview of the use of BD’s TIVA Administration Set Technology, while the second was a Customer in Service “how to”, demonstrating exactly how the product is used.

It's all in the details

For technical content like this, it’s crucial that you truly understand how a product works to be able to successfully communicate it to your audience.

Our longstanding history of working with healthcare companies means we know exactly what’s required – we worked in close collaboration with the BD team to ensure our creative experts had the detailed knowledge to deliver a clear, engaging, and easy-to-understand solution.

The solution

Our Account Manager hit the ground running by sourcing a voiceover artist to record the updated script. Meanwhile, having taken the time to really get to know the product, our Senior Motion Graphics Designers used iconography, animated text, and side-by-side comparisons to transform the videos into attention-grabbing animated solutions that successfully demonstrate how BD’s TIVA sets are used.


The team successfully produced attention-grabbing animated videos that effectively demonstrated the usage of BD’s TIVA sets.  Our solution meant that the team were able to effectively showcase the product’s features and usage, capturing the audience’s attention and conveying the message clearly.