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We are a creative agency
rooted in production reality.

For over 25 years, we’ve believed in the power of collaboration, from concept to delivery, whether it’s for an event or a design, digital, or film project.

We’re relentlessly creative but it’s always informed by what’s possible—a holistic process that drives our very first steps of creative and strategic thinking.

It’s this approach that ensures we always deliver on our promise—an ethos that builds the foundations for success and why we’ve worked with many of our clients for well over a decade.


Adam Sherlock
Joint Managing Director
From Event Producer to Joint Managing Director, Adam’s 15+ years across multiple industry sectors have only strengthened his passion for project delivery.
John Lloyd
Joint Managing Director
An Account Manager at heart, John’s progression to Joint Managing Director is testament to his commitment to exceeding clients’ needs.
Amie Sherlock
Operations Director
Passionate about people, Amie’s 20+ years of managing our office and infrastructure mean things tend to run smoothly round here.
Jason Farmer
Director of Design & Digital
Jason’s 25+ years of design and digital leadership mean he knows a thing or two about what makes a compelling creative solution.
That’s 25 Outlook years.
Susan Booth
Financial Director
A CIMA-qualified accountant, Susan’s love for the detail that supports the big picture has been a hallmark of her 25-year finance career.

Our Culture

We’re big thinkers. Committed doers. Creative seekers. Always in motion. Always on the lookout for the next cog-turning idea.

Featured Seekers
Hannah Stevens
HR Manager
Eddie Crofts
Senior Editor
Molly Twiselton
Senior Account Executive

Our Outlook

Our team of Seekers are united by three core values:
We act with pride, integrity and accountability.
We work as one team, creating meaningful partnerships.
We empower each other to bring ideas to life.


Inclusivity is equal access to opportunities. It’s also the fostering of an environment where people feel free to be authentically themselves.

Outlook Creative is made richer by its wealth of perspectives, ideas, and experiences. We embrace diversity in all its forms and understand how intrinsic it is to an organisational culture where everyone’s voice is heard and respected.


We believe that great work shouldn’t cost the Earth, so we’re committed to delivering all our projects in a way that limits our impact on the environment.

But there’s always room for improvement when it comes to moving through the world responsibly.

We hold a Bronze EvoVadis sustainability medal and ISO 14001 accreditation, but we’ll always seek to do better—it’s in our nature.


We’re always seeking great talent.

Like what you see here? If you’ve got fresh ideas and heaps of ambition, you can consider our interest piqued.

We’d like to hear from you!

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