Here at Outlook, we think that delivering exceptional service and great products isn’t just a job – it’s our passion and dedicated investment that makes us stand out from the agency crowd, creating great solutions especially for you. 

We’ve got a vast portfolio of clients (we prefer to see them as partners) who love working with us. Which means you receive the considerable benefit of a personal touch on every project we deliver, plus an excellent return on a business investment once we’ve turned the initial brief into a living, breathing solution.

Ed always wanted to be a stuntman when he was younger but now much prefers playing superheroes with his two boys! A true carnivore, his favourite food is anything that was once alive... oh, and Haribo!
View Profile Ed Crofts Camera Operator/Editor
Aliya grew up in North London and studied Biomedical Science at university. She can never stay in one place and is always itching to visit a new country. She enjoys photography, watching musicals, obsessive cleaning and thinks life is too short to eat chocolate only in moderation. Snickers for breakfast, anyone?
View Profile Aliya Fenghour Account Executive
Shauna sports a different nail polish every week of the year. After a busy day production managing, she can be found getting into yoga, a bottle of wine or bed.
View Profile Shauna Swift Senior Production Manager
Mark loves music, his iMac and watching scary movies at the weekend. He confesses to having quite an old-fashioned taste in music and, despite rock being his favourite genre, he says Bob Dylan is one of his favourite artists.
View Profile Mark Waterhouse Lead Motion Graphics Designer
Pete is a film fanatic and has a huge amount of useless movie knowledge locked away ready to be called upon. Did you know the shark in Jaws was called Bruce? Football, running and survival events keep him busy.
View Profile Pete Hanson Lead Creative Artworker
Nathan is a big Chelsea fan and gym enthusiast. His weekends are usually spent playing football and golf during the summer months. An avid binge watcher of TV shows, some of Nathan’s favourite series include Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.
View Profile Nathan Cantwell Account Manager
Travel enthusiast constantly looking for the next cheapest city break… If she’s not searching for the next quirky food hall, Hema is tattooing herself up with multiple henna tattoos. Also, she is a massive fan of tigers.
View Profile Hema Mistry Creative Artworker
Maggie used to be an air stewardess. Her guilty pleasures include wine and champagne, and her perfect weekend involves relaxing in Marbella. We have concluded she is, therefore, a very posh lady indeed!
View Profile Maggie Pluthero Receptionist
Seema loves being a mummy and a wife. She is a massive coffee addict during the week and a connoisseur of gin at the weekend! She’s proud of the strong reputation of her chocolate brownies. She makes it her mission to get involved in one small charity event a year. This year she wants to Skydive for fun!
View Profile Seema Adams Senior Account Executive
This is Corey, he’s a Graphic Designer with a Journalism degree and a big fan of video games. He’s the most memorable middle child you’ll ever meet, and spends way too much time talking about politics. Often found wearing tartan trousers.
View Profile Corey Richards Pitch and Presentation Designer
Dan was born and raised in the Lake District so loves the outdoors and Cumberland sausage. A big rugby fan, he lived in New Zealand for a year and hopes to go back to visit again one day. Spare time is spent walking his Labrador pup Nellie, reading a good crime novel and trying his best at yoga!
View Profile Dan White Technical Producer
Jez has a passion for football, rugby and tattoos, and also has an addiction to the gym. His favourite film 300 is his main motivation during his Spartan style workouts! His guilty pleasures include reality TV, clothes shopping and a cheeky takeaway (in moderation of course!).
View Profile Jeremy Leaman Digital Project Manager
Mark is mad about Land Rovers, rugby, waistcoats and country life. Due to broken ribs, toe and damaged cartilage, he is not a fan of Crocs (the footwear)!
View Profile Mark Hadland Account Director
Ryan is a film and DIY enthusiast (one of these is true). He most likes spending time with friends and family, and would suggest going out for dinner most evenings, especially if it’s his turn to cook! His choice of holiday would be a week out on the ski slopes and a pint up the mountains!
View Profile Ryan Moore Lead Producer/Director
The internet, music and his snowboard are three things Andy cannot live without. His favourite comfort food is pancakes and maple syrup. While at school, he got caught 'chariot racing' (using the chairs from Maths to race down a very long corridor!).
View Profile Andrew Upton Lead Designer Watch My Outlook Story
Iain's all-time hero is the James Bond from the Ian Fleming novels. However, unlike Mr Bond he's afraid of snakes and doesn't like vodka (shaken or stirred). If he could invent anything, it would be 'dawdler lanes' for tourists in London.
View Profile Iain Liddiard Lead Events Producer Watch My Outlook Story
Growing up, Abigail wanted to be a forensic scientist until she realised she was terrible at science. She is a vegan who loves to share recipes and her favourite band is The Black Keys. In her spare time she can be found watching Harry Potter and rooting for Lord Voldemort.
View Profile Abigail Dawes Graphic Designer
Lisa’s children are her world (and so are her two pugs) although they drive her crazy at times! Her favourite series is Friends and she has a secret obsession with Posh Spice and the Spice Girls… (Who doesn’t?)
View Profile Lisa England Accounts Assistant
Jason loves great design, architecture, music, football, cars and banter. Best advice ever given? Never eat yellow snow or believe a dog owner when they say 'it won't bite'!
View Profile Jason Farmer Director of Digital
Karishma has just completed her Masters in Media Production, and now she’s very excited to be an auntie to the new addition in her family! She is obsessed with dogs; she follows more Instagram dogs than people. In her spare time, she loves watching and making films. Her ideal Sunday evening on a rainy day would be with a hot cup of coco watching any of the Harry Potter films with her puppy, Maya!
View Profile Karishma Patel Production Assistant
Outlook’s resident crazy dog lady. When not designing, you can more than likely find her petting a dog, talking about dogs, watching dog videos on YouTube, or eating cake.
View Profile Natalie Milne Designer
Self-confessed design geek, lover of architecture, plants, high fashion and rum. Procurer of objet d'art, skateboard decks, trainers and all things design. Faux mountain biker, snowboarder and skateboarder.
View Profile Michael Fair Account Executive
Guitar, beer, illustration, games, comic books and movies take up most of Adam's free time. He has a borderline addiction to greasy burgers and fries and is considering seeking professional help to overcome it before it's too late.
View Profile Adam Mason Motion Graphics Designer
Quite simply, Chris loves cars and coffee. One day, Chris will own the 1989 variant of the Batmobile. No spice is too hot and he loves the snow. Chris admits that he listens to too much industrial music and purple is his favourite colour.
View Profile Christopher Petch Proofreader
As a child, Susan wanted to work in a sweet shop, so she could eat sweets. She has an extremely sweet tooth (her dentist agrees!). Bizarrely, she has a fear of the dentist, so you may wonder about her common sense! Susan also loves to spend her spare time with her children.
View Profile Susan Booth Financial Controller
Vicki is a huge fan of the Marvel movies and can sing all Beyoncé lyrics. She can be found running around all the rides at Alton Towers at least once a year and she has also jumped out of a plane!
View Profile Vicki Knight Data Entry
Adam likes to cook, because Adam loves to eat – balanced out nicely by a desire to one day get back down the gym. His guilty pleasures include a nice G&T and singing along despite knowing full well that he can't.
View Profile Adam Kite Technical Producer
Megan’s favourite things are TV dramas, delicious food, a nice glass of prosecco and her five cats! Her perfect weekend involves spending time with her friends and family (and cats obviously!), enjoying some sunshine in the garden and relaxing in her lay-Z spa!
View Profile Megan Harman Junior Producer
Rachel has a passion for all things cake. She also likes a ‘geek day out’ at the National Trust, which in turn allows her to indulge her love of dessert in the café!
View Profile Rachel Stapley Assistant Operations Manager
Rob is a football and tennis enthusiast. He has a love for travelling the USA and going on European City Breaks, Graphic Design, eating lots of biscuits and is slightly obsessed with the English version of The Office.
View Profile Rob Atkinson Senior Account Manager
Andrew is a big sci-fi and comic book fan. When his head isn’t in the clouds, he’s usually thinking of three things: what to cook the family for dinner, which wine would go nicely with it and when he will get back on the golf course.
View Profile Andrew Dymock Marketing Director
In between wincing at Bristol City scores, Lee enjoys spending time with his family and friends, visiting the cinema, going for long walks and checking off as many different pubs in the area. Three of his favourite things include Tarantino films, black coffee and Deftones.
View Profile Lee Meacham Digital Project Manager
Amie was determined she would grow up to be Cinderella and admits she is afraid of the scary dark! Her all-time hero is her daddy and if she won the lottery she would buy a really big house and fill it with her babies!
View Profile Amie Faulkner Operations Director
Nicola loves history, music documentaries and muddy walks in the countryside with her 2 dogs. Though an avid rock and indie music lover, and hoping as a kid that one day she’d be a famous rock star, her guilty pleasure is a kitchen disco to Magic FM.
View Profile Nicola Lee Receptionist
Kane is a huge gym enthusiast who will never turn down a tub of Cornish dairy vanilla ice cream. In his teens, he played for Northampton County basketball team so is naturally a fan of the NBA.
View Profile Kane Ejoh Data Entry Administrator
The resident Welshman, Tom lives and breathes photography and film (watching and making); he is never without at least one camera. As an avid adventurer and traveller, he has visited more countries than he can remember. So if you are looking for holiday ideas, he’s probably the best person to ask.
View Profile Tom Cressey Camera Operator/Editor
Adam has a passion for all things sporty. His perfect weekend would consist of 4 hours on the golf course followed by 90 minutes on the football pitch.
View Profile Adam Sherlock Director of Events/Video
Ollie is an American-born Brit who also lived in Tokyo as a kid, so he’s been around a bit. A big football fan (the beautiful game and the NFL) and likes both versions of The Office (weirdo). He’s always up for a casual drink, but spends most of his spare time with his family.
View Profile Oliver Boulton Senior Account Executive
Imogen's loves in life are tea, good food, music and her cats (and pug!) She loves to travel and scuba dive all over the world and is always planning her next trip away. Imogen’s celebrity dinner table would include Prof. Brian Cox and David Attenborough.
View Profile Imogen Taffs Lead Motion Designer
Claire is a gym enthusiast, who also enjoys playing badminton regularly. She loves to have cuddles with her dog child, Oscar, and has a weakness for prosecco.
View Profile Claire Salmon Account Executive
Emily is super adventurous and enjoys jumping out of planes, attempting new snowboarding tricks and backpacking around the world. She has a black belt in kickboxing and is a digital design enthusiast.
View Profile Emily Brand Digital Project Manager
Stephen’s biggest passion is golf, so he tries to play most weekends. When he’s not knocking his balls about, he’s thinking about his next meal or out exploring with his Spaniel.
View Profile Stephen Griffin Lead Creative Artworker
Carl has a huge passion for all things Video, Music and Animation. He’s also quite a geek at heart, so, when he’s not shamelessly gaming online or shooting the odd music video, he can be found most weekends on stage with his band playing keyboards. Oh, yeah… he loves to eat… he has all the sweets.
View Profile Carl Lewis Video Producer
Terri has a sweet tooth and once did a marketing presentation at sixth form all about Haribo! With a love of music and handbags, Terri can also be found taking long walks with her dog Chester, and being the 'fun aunt' to her niece and nephews.
View Profile Terri Suffolk Production/Project Manager
'Gregarious', 'big' and 'thoughtful' is how friends describe Steve. He loves nothing more than a bacon sandwich with HP Sauce and while at school he got into trouble for spinning around standing on a potter's wheel!
View Profile Steve Harrold Managing Director
Dean is an aging skateboarder, archer (former master bowman), keen runner and LFC fan. He loves most things old school, especially 90s graphic design.
View Profile Dean Edwards Lead Designer
Federica is Italian, and her knowledge of pasta and all Italian food excels like no one else’s – her heart breaks 100 times when she sees people eating pineapple on pizza. She was a Scout, so loves a good outdoor adventure in her free time. Federica refers to herself as a ‘proper Italian grandma’!
View Profile Federica Marzella Junior Editor
Aaron is avid motorsport and NFL fan and in his spare time likes to tinker with cars and play the guitar.
View Profile Aaron Fisher Web Developer
Nathan is a big lover of comics, music, and hiking. If he’s not at the gym training for his next hiking challenge or watching the latest Marvel movie, he’s usually reading about crazy conspiracy theories
View Profile Nathan McGregor Artworker
Hannah's perfect evening would involve Pimms, a barbeque and some sunshine. She loves cheesy songs and insists the Spice Girls are still the best thing to ever happen to music. Girl Power.
View Profile Hannah Watson Senior Account Manager
John, since joining Outlook back in 2013, has changed somewhat. Once an aspiring playboy-gentleman, through 2018, he has embraced his newfound destiny of becoming an old man in an old man village. Normally found “reading the paper” in the “old man pub” on Sunday should you need him out of hours.
View Profile John Lloyd Client Services Director
Sam likes watching top quality football, so naturally supports Tottenham Hotspur. His favourite TV series is The Thick of It and would travel miles to buy cinema salted popcorn. Sam is a vegan labourite who spent a year backpacking, so don’t friend him on Facebook!
View Profile Sam Harris Web Developer