Here at Outlook, we think that delivering exceptional service and great products isn’t just a job – it’s our passion and dedicated investment that makes us stand out from the agency crowd, creating great solutions especially for you. 

We’ve got a vast portfolio of clients (we prefer to see them as partners) who love working with us. Which means you receive the considerable benefit of a personal touch on every project we deliver, plus an excellent return on a business investment once we’ve turned the initial brief into a living, breathing solution.

I'm a Dad of 3 (2 boys and 1 girl), I have 2 dogs, Woody & Nelly. I love football and have followed Arsenal for as long as I can remember. When I am not being a Dad or watching football, you will usually find me in the Gym or out running.
View Profile Joss Henton Digital Project Manager
Lucy is an enthusiastic runner and enjoys Pilates. When she’s not working or fussing over her two cats, she’ll get involved in DIY projects around the home. At the weekend, you’ll often find her with a paintbrush in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.
View Profile Lucy Aikens Marketing Manager
Nathan is a big Chelsea fan and gym enthusiast. His weekends are usually spent playing football and golf during the summer months. An avid binge watcher of TV shows, some of Nathan’s favourite series include Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.
View Profile Nathan Cantwell Senior Account Manager
Amie was determined she would grow up to be Cinderella and admits she is afraid of the scary dark! Her all-time hero is her daddy and if she won the lottery she would buy a really big house and fill it with her babies!
View Profile Amie Sherlock Operations Director
Carl is a big-time geek & lover of all things sci-fi and 80s/90s culture. Also a musician, he performs with bands on most weekends. Always positive and annoyingly optimistic, this Marmite lover is usually the source of all the office (or home office) snacks. Lastly, biscuit-flavoured tea.
View Profile Carl Lewis Motion Graphics Designer/Editor
Tracey is an obsessive George Michael fan who enjoys spending time socialising with friends, family, and a glass of fizz or three…
View Profile Tracey Grande Accounts Assistant
Outlook’s resident crazy dog lady. When not designing, you can more than likely find her petting a dog, talking about dogs, watching dog videos on YouTube, or eating cake.
View Profile Natalie Milne Senior Creative Artworker
Growing up, Abigail wanted to be a forensic scientist until she realised she was terrible at science. She is a vegan who loves to share recipes and her favourite band is The Black Keys. In her spare time she can be found watching Harry Potter and rooting for Lord Voldemort.
View Profile Abigail Dawes Designer
Terri has a sweet tooth and once did a marketing presentation at sixth form all about Haribo! A new wife and mother to a 1 year old daughter she’s certainly kept on her toes. She loves introducing her to new things having already taken her to Thailand to bathe with elephants.
View Profile Terri Suffolk Senior Production Manager
Some say...that his car is completely made out of cheese and has a separate bedroom dedicated to his clog collection. All we know is that he looks after our IT.
View Profile Nick de Weerd IT and Systems Manager
Moja means music and literature. She has a Jazz album named after her (it was by her husband, who insists he had a choice in the matter!) and she wrote 2 humorous books about British culture from a Taiwanese perspective. She believes in the Law of Attraction, and always has faith in positivity.
View Profile Moja Reader Account Manager
Eddie always wanted to be a stuntman when he was younger but now much prefers playing superheroes with his two boys! A true carnivore, his favourite food is anything that was once alive... oh, and Haribo!
View Profile Eddie Crofts Senior Editor
Films, music, my cats and espresso martinis
View Profile Sarah Skates Assistant Operations Manager
I love all kinds of Music and Sport, unfortunately I’m not a good singer and I am no aspiring athlete, even though my family are my worst critics, I still love them.
View Profile Glenn McHugh Management Accountant
Stephen’s biggest passion is golf, so he tries to play most weekends. When he’s not knocking his balls about, he’s thinking about his next meal or out exploring with his Spaniel.
View Profile Stephen Griffin Senior Creative Artworker
I have a passion for safety and people engagement. Former Royal Navy Engineer and 21 year career Firefighter, 10 years Events and Risk management. NEBOSH Diploma and MSc module in Risk Management. Married with 3 adult sons living in Northamptonshire. Also enjoys open spaces and crisps!
View Profile Ian Smith Contractor
Seema loves being a mummy and a wife. She is a massive coffee addict during the week and a connoisseur of gin at the weekend! She’s proud of the strong reputation of her chocolate brownies. She makes it her mission to get involved in one small charity event a year. This year she wants to Skydive for fun!
View Profile Seema Adams Senior Account Manager Watch My Outlook Story
I am a 6ft tall dog lover who is very into music and fashion of all tastes and genres. You can either find me full of energy on the dance floor or online shopping on the sofa, there is no in between!
View Profile Mia Clark Designer
Standout likes include: sport, films, socialising, cooking and a growing love for plants... Also likes puns.
View Profile Alec Brewster Producer - Moving Image
Alistair comes to Outlook having been a freelance audio/video technician and project manager for 7 years. At home he loves spending time with his baby boy and wife, and they enjoy going for country walks together. Alistair is also a big fan of Star Wars so always follows the mantra of “do or do not, there is no try!”
View Profile Alistair Siu Technical Producer
Adam likes to cook, because Adam loves to eat – balanced out nicely by a desire to one day get back down the gym. His guilty pleasures include a nice G&T and singing along despite knowing full well that he can't.
View Profile Adam Kite Senior Technical Producer Watch My Outlook Story
Outside of work Ad enjoys spending time with his two daughters, playing golf or walking the dog. He tells us he is considerably better at one than the other.
View Profile Adam Pannell Editor
Ollie is an American born Brit who also lived in Tokyo for 5 years, so he’s been around the block once or twice. An outgoing social individual, but his 3 kids keep him busy enough.
View Profile Oliver Boulton Senior Account Manager
Heather has worked in the digital sphere throughout her career. She is mum to two children that keep her on her toes. Her hobbies include horse riding, dancing, running and spending time with friends and family.
View Profile Heather Whittington Digital Project Manager
Sarah loves spending time outside walking or on new adventures with her son, Gabriel. When the weather is bad you can find her in the kitchen baking and creating yummy birthday cakes.
View Profile Sarah Derringer-Ellis Creative Artworker
I moved here from France when I was 7 with only the vocabulary of, Please, Thank You and Ice Cream! I have two boys, so at weekends you will mostly find me standing by some sports field.
View Profile Moira Goodger Moving Image Scheduler
Travel enthusiast constantly looking for the next cheapest city break… If she’s not searching for the next quirky food hall, Hema is tattooing herself up with multiple henna tattoos. Also, she is a massive fan of tigers.
View Profile Hema Mistry Designer
タイラーは現在日本語を勉強しています which translates to "Tyler is currently studying Japanese".
View Profile Tyler Potts Web Developer
As a child, Susan wanted to work in a sweet shop, so she could eat sweets. She has an extremely sweet tooth (her dentist agrees!). Bizarrely, she has a fear of the dentist, so you may wonder about her common sense! Susan also loves to spend her spare time with her children.
View Profile Susan Booth Financial Director
Eleanor loves to sleep and dining out, not exactly the best combination for hobbies. Born an organiser, so it’s difficult to do anything spontaneous even if she wants to.
View Profile Eleanor Low Producer - Moving Image
Shauna sports a different nail polish every week of the year. After a busy day production managing, she can be found getting into yoga, a bottle of wine or bed.
View Profile Shauna Swift Senior Production Manager – Moving Image Watch My Outlook Story
When not working at Outlook, Danielle has a 2nd full time job keeping up with her 3 children’s social calendar (she does not have one of her own!), being mum’s taxi or walking her new puppy Phoebe, officially her 4th baby and bestie!
View Profile Danielle Reading Senior Account Manager
Always thinking about where to travel to and explore next as she loves learning about the different cultures, food and drinks. Manita’s poison is a Cosmopolitan made with Belvedere and a good bottle of Red. A fan of Pixar, Disney, DC, and Marvel with a slight addiction to watching wildlife (mainly big cats) and true crime documentaries.
View Profile Manita Gosai Creative Artworker Watch My Outlook Story
Imogen's loves in life are tea, good food, music and her cats (and pug!) She loves to travel and scuba dive all over the world and is always planning her next trip away. Imogen’s celebrity dinner table would include Prof. Brian Cox and David Attenborough.
View Profile Imogen Leadbeater Senior Motion Graphics Designer
John, since joining Outlook back in 2013, has changed somewhat. Once an aspiring playboy-gentleman, in recent years he got married and settled down – just like the films tell us happens. He has embraced his newfound destiny of becoming an old married man in an old man village normally followed to the pub by a Labrador. We’ve been able to get a straight answer about who walks, who home!
View Profile John Lloyd Joint Managing Director Watch My Outlook Story
Alex is a massive nerd with a big love for Marvel and Star Wars. His free time is generally spent gaming, reading comics or searching Netflix for the next series to binge. I also love a hot sausage roll for lunch.
View Profile Alex Welch Web Developer
Mark is mad about Land Rovers, rugby, waistcoats and country life. Due to broken ribs, toe and damaged cartilage, he is not a fan of Crocs (the footwear)!
View Profile Mark Hadland Group Account Director
Claire is a gym enthusiast, who also enjoys playing badminton regularly. She loves to have cuddles with her dog child, Oscar, and has a weakness for prosecco.
View Profile Claire Salmon Senior Account Executive
Former child who loves all things sci-fi. His favourite place is in front of his computer doing anything motion related. When he's not diving into the realm of motion design, you'll often find him exploring the countryside on his motorcycle.
View Profile George Hargreaves Senior Motion Graphics Designer
Amy loves sunshine, beach holidays, gin and lemonade, spa days and live music. She used to travel the world organising events for Speedo and attended several Olympics, finally settling for a while in Cape Town, her favourite city. Amy can spot a typo a mile off and is also excellent at finding things – a thing is not lost until Amy can’t find it!
View Profile Amy Cullen Senior Production Manager – Live
A passion for all things ‘Live’ led Adam to a career in events which remains his passion - but has now evolved to cover a more strategic group role. A proud family man who still manages to knock a little white ball around a well-manicured field in a decent number (sometimes!)
View Profile Adam Sherlock Joint Managing Director
Hannah is passionate about people, travel & adventure, and partial to a good glass of wine (or 2!). She is also a huge lover of all things sweet; biscuits and cake are her weakness! In her spare time Hannah can be found with her family and friends, mostly running around after her two little one(s); her 2 year old daughter and lovable pug. Hannah loves nothing more than being cozied up with her blanket (rain, shine or in 40-degree heat!), holidaying and the great outdoors!
View Profile Hannah Stevens HR Manager
Living in the scorching Middle East for 5 years has left Kate with a unique temperature threshold. Anything below 30°C is considered freezing to her. When Kate isn't breaking a sweat at the gym or splurging on expensive coffees, you'll find her cuddling her four legged, fluffy-tailed son, Simba.
View Profile Kate Hall Event Producer
Nathan is a big lover of comics, music, and hiking. If he’s not at the gym training for his next hiking challenge or watching the latest Marvel movie, he’s usually reading about crazy conspiracy theories
View Profile Nathan McGregor Senior Artworker
When Hayley isn’t at work, she can often be found upside down in a ball pit at a soft play with her one-year-old or in a beer garden with friends! She has an addiction to spicy food and loves a good Netflix binge!
View Profile Hayley Flannery HR Administrator
Aaron is avid motorsport and NFL fan and in his spare time likes to tinker with cars and play the guitar.
View Profile Aaron Fisher Web Developer
Tom says the thing that keeps him up at night are thoughts of Space and the Universe and the questions “How?” and “why?” It’s a love/ hate thing. He loves everything moving image production, so being a video producer isn’t really a job- it’s fun and even does it in his spare time. When he’s not doing either of those things, Tom enjoys anything cinema, cooking (Cottage Pie is his fav) and just being silly really.
View Profile Tom Vernau Producer - Moving Image
Mark loves music, his iMac and watching scary movies at the weekend. He confesses to having quite an old-fashioned taste in music and, despite rock being his favourite genre, he says Bob Dylan is one of his favourite artists.
View Profile Mark Waterhouse Senior Motion Graphics Designer
I LOVE animals. You will usually find me running around after my dogs- then taking the dogs out running with me! I love admiring art and creating art- specifically painting. I am a Gin enthusiast and a once-a-year Sloe Gin maker. I am partial to a super spicy Bloody Mary.
View Profile Charlotte Debouge Senior Account Executive
Most of my spare time is spent having fun with my family. Running around after my two-year-old daughter. I love to travel, and I spend a lot of time in Copenhagen visiting family. When I have some downtime, I love nothing more than sitting in the sunshine with of glass of wine or watching awful reality TV I know I shouldn’t like!
View Profile Rebecca Johansen Design Team Scheduler
Dean is an aging skateboarder, archer (former master bowman), keen runner and LFC fan. He loves most things old school, especially 90s graphic design.
View Profile Dean Edwards Senior Designer
Essex girl who's a lover of family time (one little princess), list writing, kitchen dancing, indulgent baking, cocktail drinking, gift giving, socialising, Netflix binging and serial snacking!
View Profile Sian John Senior Account Manager Watch My Outlook Story
Sarah loves playing games whether it’s board games or digital! On a hot summers day you’ll find her with a Watermelon Gin & Lemonade playing Bamboleo in the garden
View Profile Sarah Allen Artworker
Liane is a keen amateur gardener and self-confessed plantaholic, there’s always room for one more! Her all-time favourite movie is Jaws and her main ambition is to never grow up.
View Profile Liane Willington Artworker
Andrew is a big sci-fi and comic book fan. When his head isn’t in the clouds, he’s usually thinking of three things: what to cook the family for dinner, which wine would go nicely with it and when he will get back on the golf course.
View Profile Andrew Dymock Marketing Communications Director
When I'm not at work, you'll usually find me watching Netflix or at the gym. Socialising is an important aspect of my life, I love spending quality time with my friends and I am always booking holidays!
View Profile Caitlin Shirvington Junior Event Producer
Jason loves all things design related including art, architecture, fashion, music and food and spending quality time exploring the great outdoors from epic walks to lung bursting runs. Most memorable moment? Any time the crowd at a gig or festival go mad to a great tune!
View Profile Jason Farmer Director of Digital, Design & Animation
Rebecca is a fan of getting lost – whether that’s in a book, out on a run, or walking with the family spaniel. At weekends you’ll usually find her exploring with her partner in their bright-blue campervan, affectionately known as Winnie (the Blue).
View Profile Rebecca Darley Copywriter & Proofreader
I love holidays, animals (especially my little bunny rabbit Coco Chanel!) and I'm a complete chocoholic. Photography is one of my favourite hobbies and during my spare time I enjoy going to new places to add photos to my collection.
View Profile Felicity Bearfoot-Fallon Junior Editor
The internet, music and his snowboard are three things Andy cannot live without. His favourite comfort food is pancakes and maple syrup. While at school, he got caught 'chariot racing' (using the chairs from Maths to race down a very long corridor!).
View Profile Andrew Upton Art Director
Alannah loves spending her time renovating properties. However, when she’s not covered in paint and sawdust, her favourite pastimes are tasting wine and traveling with her partner & Labrador Harley.
View Profile Alannah Griffin Senior Production Manager (Digital)
Lou wanted to be a palaeontologist growing up (Ross Geller eat your heart out). She is a big foodie and loves a good glass of red (make that two or three!). She’s a self-confessed nerd and a big fan of all things fantasy/sci-fi. Lou drinks way too much coffee and thinks tea cures all. She’s still waiting to meet Harrison Ford one day…
View Profile Louise Usher Account Manager
Rachel has a passion for all things cake. She also likes a ‘geek day out’ at the National Trust, which in turn allows her to indulge her love of dessert in the café!
View Profile Rachel Stapley HR Manager
Loves: sleep (never get enough!), gin (never get enough?) and body boarding (this summer’s discovery) Hates: avocado (it’s a texture thing), spitting (so disgusting!), horror movies (too scary by half) Claim to fame: an audience member once threw their pants at me when I was singing on stage (Tom Jones eat your heart out!)
View Profile Corinne Kavaz Account Director
As comfortable in killer heels as she is in wellies, riding boots, ski’s and trainers, Gemma enjoys the variety of country and city life. She enjoys riding and competing on her horses, mud runs, treks and anything outdoorsy, all finished off by some bubbles and cocktails. Cannot resist cupcakes!
View Profile Gemma Parkin Senior Account Manager
Pete is a film fanatic and has a huge amount of useless movie knowledge locked away ready to be called upon. Did you know the shark in Jaws was called Bruce? Football, running and survival events keep him busy.
View Profile Pete Hanson Senior Creative Artworker
Ralph firmly believes that if it weren’t for coffee, nothing would get done. He enjoys a huge variety of music, moving seamlessly from Metallica to Ludovico Einaudi. A little bit obsessed with LEGO and finding it increasingly hard to watch his kids who insist they no longer need daddy’s help! He loves watching F1 and going skiing or snowboarding.
View Profile Ralph Crofton Senior Producer - Moving Image
Although I am from Essex, you will not find fake tan anywhere near me! When I am not working you can mostly find me at Roots Hall following the mighty shrimpers (Southend United), in the cinema or teaching my pet rats new tricks. One week a year you can even find me throwing myself down the side of a mountain in France on two sticks (skiing, of course)!
View Profile Michael Sargent Assistant Producer – Moving Image
Self-confessed design geek, lover of architecture, plants, high fashion and rum. Procurer of objet d'art, skateboard decks, trainers and all things design. Faux mountain biker, snowboarder and skateboarder.
View Profile Michael Fair Senior Account Executive
Lizzie is constantly torn between staying inside to paint all day, or outside looking after and riding horses! A big lover of animals, they are her favourite subjects to paint. Lizzie is also a self-confessed nerd and loves anything fantasy, whether it be games, films, TV or books! It’s all good!
View Profile Lizzie Mole Motion Graphics Designer
This is Corey, he’s a Graphic Designer with a Journalism degree and a big fan of video games. He’s the most memorable middle child you’ll ever meet, and spends way too much time talking about politics. Often found wearing tartan trousers.
View Profile Corey Richards Marketing and Pitch Designer