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Accountex 2023
The Brief

Accountex is Europe’s definitive event for Europe’s accountancy and finance professionals. As a market-leading brand, Sage is a prominent attendee—so their presence had to stand out from the crowd.

Having set the bar high with our support for the 2022 event, the challenge for Accountex 2023 was to build on this success and capitalise on the 20% increase in footfall.

This meant our end-to-end solution had to be bigger and better than ever. 

Our Approach

Our support extended from initial concepts and creative ideas all the way through to creating the stand’s brand visibility elements and managing the build itself on site.

To achieve Sage’s objective of uniting their brands under one umbrella, we created three dedicated areas: one for demonstrations, another for theatre, and a third and final fun engagement space, which gave quite the kick to brand interaction in the form of a rugby simulator.

Our expert drone pilots captured footage of the three stand spaces and delivered an engaging video edit. We also facilitated the streaming of Sage’s townhall, which was broadcast live from the event to maximise the excitement. 

The Outcome

With 10,000 visitors in attendance, the expectations were so much higher. And we absolutely delivered.

We successfully made the Sage stand the first thing visitors saw when they walked through the door, reflecting Sage’s industry-leading status by owning the show.

The project’s success was rooted in our trademark collaboration and unwavering whole-team commitment to making sure the client is 100% happy with the result.

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