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Billion Nets Campaign
The Brief

Vestergaard needed full-scale support on a showstopping video to mark their Billionth Net campaign, an incredible milestone on their journey to towards eliminating malaria in Africa.

The video, narrated by Oscar-winning actor Charlize Theron, would be premiered at the UN Headquarters around the UN General Assembly.

Our creative teams would need to cross continents to ensure this poignant short film raised awareness of Vestergaard’s vital mission in an impactful way. 

Our Approach

We needed a strong, memorable idea, with a powerful story to tie everything together. The sobering fact that, every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria inspired the idea of a countdown—a visual symbol of how, by sharing science, skills, and knowledge, we can #StopTheClock on this statistic.

Having visited four factories in Vietnam and a mass distribution in Uganda, we combed through the footage to make sure we captured the inherently human, emotive tone that would enhance the film’s impact.

In post-production, we then got to work on the audio elements, commissioning a special piece of music to perfectly complement the visuals and voiceover to elevate the storytelling.

The Outcome

We shared the film with the Vestergaard team at first edit who, in their words, were “blown away”. It was clear we’d understood the brief and Vestergaard’s ambition for the film and were fully committed to getting this important message as much reach as possible.

The film premiered inside the UN Headquarters during the United Nations General Assembly in September 2023, and was tremendously well-received.

We were incredibly proud to work with Vestergaard to help communicate their crucial message—most importantly, we hope the film contributes to helping stop the clock on malaria. 

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